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I was a real estate agent broker in Renton, Washington until the end of 2016. Previously, I was a civil engineer.

Climate Change

Normally I don’t repost articles but this one is fun:

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My Kombucha Recipe

This batch size is about double the batch size of many/most of the recipes I see on the internet, which are about one gallon. I “download” from the tea jar into 0.5- and 1-liter bottles.  I generally get 5 or … Continue reading

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Every summer there are forest fires and if you listen to the news you get the idea that the world is going to end and we’re all going to die.  The media loves fires because it gives them a lot … Continue reading

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Eclipse? Don’t Bother

Eclipse I’m not going to Oregon to see the eclipse because I saw the last one in 1979.  It wouldn’t be worth it.  , and if you have seen one, … I was working on a highway construction project a … Continue reading

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Losers: I am resisting the urge to rub it in

I was resigned to Hillary winning.  “All” the polls had her ahead.  I literally prayed for the grace to accept whatever happened in the election and to have faith that we would survive. The Trump haters are bummed.  I endured … Continue reading

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I Quit

After 3 years I decided to cut my losses. I just wasn’t making enough to make it worthwhile.For the meantime, I’ll just leave all my old blogs on line, but any links to my Windermere site will not work. My … Continue reading

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Sell It Yourself?

Can you? Yes you can!  That’s heresy for a real estate agent to admit, but it’s true.  I’ve done it myself and owners do it all the time. I regularly meet people trying to sell their homes by themselves.  I … Continue reading

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Open House This Sunday, May 10, 1-4PM

20227 104th Place SE Kent, WA  98031 MLS#  763471

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Tuesday afternoon, January 28, I left home at 3:17 PM for my “reverse circuit” as I call it, an afternoon bike ride. I crashed just east of Meeker Middle School on SE 192nd St.  The crank arm snapped just as … Continue reading

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Fun Ride Today Just click on the map.  

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